Bauhaus Master House
Study Approach A
281 NW 25th St
Wynwood, Miami, Florida

Redefining the Bauhaus for the 21st Century
as the showcase of their ideologies and emerging technology.

Fragmentation of program | Continuous ribbon | Variation of space

A continuous ribbon around the city to activate the residual urban spaces – voids.

The house as city:
Fragmenting program to maximize public engagement.

Re-imagining residual urban space as the makeshift site for residence, creation and education.

Wynwood is a mixture of entertainment and public art. One of its most significant places is Wynwood Walls, a combination of enclosed gallery spaces and an outdoor exhibit garden. At the west end of the garden, a gated unused alley leads to the other end of the site.

If the alley – residual space – becomes activated, a continuous interior access from one end to the other end of the block gets created, allowing the user to wander within an embedded urban circuit.

a. Exhibit
b. Workshop
c. Living

Concept Diagrams
Floor Plan
West – Section B
Cut through Workshop Module
West – Section C
Cut through Exhibit and Living Modules
view from courtyard
Living Studios
Skin Process
Construction Process