Office Tower + Retail
1044 Northeast 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida


Framing the faces | Nature Intersection | Extensive Balconies

Vault 1044 stands in the heart of the city, embracing inspiration from the Miami Beach Art Deco and the Downtown Miami historic architecture.

A classical vocabulary is expressed at the lower levels of the tower. The sidewalks are defined by a succession of contiguous columns that provide a sheltered walkway to access the aligned retail spaces. The simple shaped office tower evolves with a composition of sequential arched windows embracing the building facade. Each window has an extruded frame to provide a layer of depth.

Program Diagram
The program was organized by placing the offices on the vertical plane and the retail on the horizontal plane. The horizontal plane -ground- gets activated by extending the tower’s open plaza and retail spaces towards the metro rail station, connecting the public realm and the tower users on the same ground.


Work + Leisure
A continuous hidden vertical garden intersects the tower to provide users a balance between work and leisure. The garden offers natural ventilated and illuminated spaces to unwind and decompress from the daily office workload. Each office level has access to the open garden and an extensive balcony.

Office Plan Typologies
Metro Plaza

Submitted for Bee Breeders Competition 2019